Social Responsibility

Our concern goes beyond doing the best work. We feel we are an important part of our locations and we want to help improve the quality life there and generate a local and regional economy.

  • There is nothing better than having an open-door policy to teach the new generations to produce energy in a renewable and sustainable way. Each year, there have been visits from sixth-form students and the country's top students.

  • We collaborate with entities such as ASOVICA (Asociación Virgen del Camino), which promotes the hiring of people with different abilities, some of whom are now working among us.

  • Our activities maintain strict compliance with environmental regulations. 


Committed to the Sector.

At ENSO, we are committed to the biomass sector, which is why we are not only APPA and AVEBIOM members, but also BIOPLAT’s, the biomass technology platform. BIOPLAT is a group of technical and scientific excellence and coordination in the sector, composed of all the relevant biomass industry actors in Spain in the broadest sense, both with regard to biomass resources (all kinds of valorisable organic matter), transformation technologies and applications (bioenergy, bioproducts, biomaterials and biochemicals), and with regard to aspects of sustainability and the regulatory framework.



Local commitment.

We have a commitment to Soria. We are members of its Chamber of Commerce and we want to continue being the engine of social and industrial development in the region, seeking to attract investments and new companies that can benefit from our activity, such as greenhouses or promoting new initiatives like the creation of a new fertiliser plant. We have also signed an agreement with Desafío Urbión to support this initiative. We will support its local development side (trail run, track equipment), the Desafío Urbión Forest and we will also be supporting training in local schools.