The world of non-conventional fuels and biomass is both complex and exciting. You have to be completely dedicated to it and in constant research. And that is what we have been doing at ENSO for more than 20 years. It has made us one of the leading companies in the sector.

The main difference between us and other companies in the sector is that while some are¬† developers and others are suppliers of equipment or biomass, none of them takes up all the challenges the way we do. ENSO,¬† guided by its concept and philosophy, completes the circle. This is why we have chosen the Japanese ENZO symbol as our logo‚ÄĒrepresenting harmony and plenitude.


In its emptiness, the circle represents absolute plenitude, simplicity, wholeness, infiniteness, and the perfection of harmony.

It also symbolises illumination, strength, elegance, the universe and the void.

This means we can approach a project comprehensively or be involved in any of its stages, as our team is made up of multi-disciplinary professionals, capable of making a plant profitable in the event of a change in regulation during its construction or of designing a pioneering initiative in the world of CO2 capture and recycling, to name a couple of examples. 

"Experts. Innovators. Multi-disciplinary. And 100% focused on what we do."