Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: contribute to the effective transition towards an environmentally sustainable economic model through the efficient incorporation of biomass and other sources of renewable energy into the energy matrix on an industrial scale, developing and promoting circular economy schemes.

Vision: to become, through our projects, a European benchmark for new integrated models for the generation and supply of distributed energy as a key element of a sustainable and resilient economic model.

Values: the traits that best define our company both in its internal dynamics and in our outward projection are:

  • Commitment: with a sustainable future for our society and with the environmental improvement goals of our clients.
  • Innovation: both technological and in business and management models.
  • Cooperation: open, inclusive and transparent.

Bioelectrica de Garray was finalist in CEX 2019 Awards to Best Practices in Circular Economy for its project of CO2 capture and use. 

Committed to sustainability and SDGs

We believe we have a responsibility that forces us to be involved only in projects in which we are wholly convinced of their long-term sustainability, both economic and environmental, and which have a commitment to the society in which we live. This is borne out, for example, by the collaborative initiatives we have in Soria with Asociación Virgen del Camino.

Today, with a 20-year history behind us, we can look back and feel proud of what we have achieved, helping to bring about change towards more sustainable surroundings, but we keep looking forward because there is still much to be done.

ENSO's actions in pursuit of sustainable development objectives

    • More than 100,000 renewable MWh/year produced
    • More than 200¬†MWe through biomass built
    • We decarbonise industrial production through ESC
    • FERTINIZA 2019 project
    • EnerBioSCrub project
    • LIFECO2INTBIO project