Ciudad Real, Spain

This project came about in parallel to that of the Huelva Project, the difference being that it showed biomass could be an alternative to the closure of fossil-fuel facilities, as we needed to replace the old ELCOGAS plant. With these two projects combined, won through tenders competing with various international companies, we managed to achieve 49% (90 MW of 190 MW awarded in the latest round of tenders) of the domestic construction market of large-scale facilities. The challenges of the projects include a variable mix of fuels, a relatively large size and a special reheating system to raise efficiency.

Ence-Sener Puertollano | ENSO

Boiler piping detail in Puertollano.
Combustion island during construction.
Divisory wall hoisting
Cyclon (horizontal) hoisting (part of the flue gas cleaning system)