Ponferrada, León, Spain

The design and execution of a pulverised-coal-fired oxy-combustion boiler can only be done by companies with a high degree of technical capability. In this case, the project was executed in Ponferrada within the framework of a wider research project for an experimental combustion and CO2 capture plant for the Ciudad de la Energía Foundation in Cubillos del Sil.

At ENSO we built one of the plant's two boilers, a pulverised-coal-fired 20 MWt boiler, with four horizontal burners, prepared for partial and complete oxy-combustion and the combustion agent preparation rack, designed for preparing various blends of combustion agent for partial and complete oxy-combustion in both boilers.

Ciuden Ponferrada | ENSO


Oxy-combustion is based on enriching air with pure oxygen to reduce fuel consumption, a reduction which is even more significant if nitrogen is completely removed from the air. Oxy-combustion also reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxides, harmful to both humans and the environment.

Natural gas burners
Boiler before lifting
Silos for fuel mix
Continous blow down tank